Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Platform

  • How do I change my profile picture?

    After logging in, click on either your avatar or the gears icon located on the top right of the platform. Then Click the Account option from the drop down menu. Select the Edit Profile tab.
    From the avatar editor select the "Browse" button. THen the target file from your system.
    Note: Your picture must be 256 X 256 pixels in .jpg or .png format only.

  • What are the profile picture dimensions?

    Your profile/avatar needs to be min. 256 x 256 pixels in .jpg or .png format.

  • What does it mean to follow someone?

    If you've found someone, either a trainer or a user that you share common interests with, you can follow that person by clicking the follow button under their profile picture on their profile page. See the answer to "How can I find Friends?" for more information on all the ways to find people.

    After clicking the follow button that user will be added to the "Following" tally under your profile. If you click the "Following" tally on your profile page you'll be brought to your "My Follows" page which contains a list of all the users and trainers that you're following. You can quickly access each users profile by clicking their name from the list.

    On your profile page under the "Profile" tab you'll see a button called "Network Activity". If selected the "Network Activity" pane will display all the Platform activity of the users you're following. Examples include enrolled courses, newly earned achievements, completed quizzes etc.

  • What are Notes?

    Notes is a handy feature to help you record your thoughts when watching a course so you can review key insights or questions at a later time. Each note includes a timestamp corresponding to the time during video playback when the note was initially generated. Because each note is timed stamped in this way you can very quickly return to the exact time you took the note by simply clicking on it.

    Notes must be tagged to either a particular video or course allowing you to course grain the scope of each note. Notes can only be generated only while watching a course. To access the Note panel, while watching a video select the "Note" tab from the right side bar. If the side bar isn't visible, click the left facing red arrow to reveal it. From the Notes tab, select category the note is for, either "This Video" or "This Course", write your note then press the return key to store it.

    Notes can be deleted by hovering over the note in the Course list found below and selecting the trash can found by the right margin.

    Notes can also be viewed from the course page under the "Notes" tab.

  • What are Classrooms?

    A classroom is a place where an instructor can guide a set of users through a selection of courses as exercises. An instructor can review their student's progress, make global announcements, recommend supplementary videos and moderate discussions.

    You'll need to be invited into a course by an instructor before you can join one. When invited you'll receive notification from the notifications panel denoted by a bell icon on the dashboard page.

    Once you've joined a classroom it will be added to the My Classrooms list on the right navigation panel.

  • Playback

  • What are the video resolutions?

    All our videos are delivered in either SD 480 or HD 720 resolution.

  • What are the video playback formats?

    On desktop, video playback uses Flash by default.
    When Flash is not available, HTML5 is used.
    On mobile, HTML5 is the default format.

  • Is closed captioning available for you videos?

    Currently, only some of our videos support closed captioning, we are however working toward having closed captioning support for all videos in our library in the near future.

  • What languages are supported?

    English is currently the only supported language.

  • On average how much data is required to watch a course?

    Coursework varies in length and resolution, so data usage will differ. Be sure to check with your mobile provider so you're not exceeding your bandwidth limit.

  • Is it possible to mark a course/video as seen or unseen in your profile history?

    Yes. To reset your viewing history for a particular course you'll need to select said course from either the Dashboard, or the Enrolled Courses page

    Once you've found the course enter its course page by clicking the course Icon.

    From the course page click the orange "Resume" button. From here you'll need to find the course outline.

    This will either be hidden or on the right or below the video player (depending on your window size).

    If the "Course Outline" is visible, scroll to the bottom of the Course Outline to find the "Reset Viewing History" button.

    If the Course Outline is not visible make sure to maximize your browser window then click the small right arrow in orange near the top right of your screen. The right tools menu should then appear revealing the "Outline" Tab as an option. If you click the "Reset Viewing History" button, all of your viewing history will be deleted.

    There is no way to recover this data so be careful!

  • What is Continuous Play?

    "Continuous Play" is a feature that's built into our video player that automatically begins playing the next video in a series once the current video finishes playing. It can be enabled from the gears menu found on near the players navigation menu. If enabled, the title "Continuous Play" will appear grey. If disabled, it will appear black.

  • Can I make a video play in fullscreen mode?

    Yes. All of the videos in our library can be displayed in fullscreen mode. When watching a video, click the furthest icon on the right, denoted by two small arrows pointing to the lower right and top right. This button will toggle on and off full screen mode.

  • How can I be sure that I'm watching the highest resolution version of each video?

    Our video player automatically determines the best resolution based on your bandwidth. To watch in "High Definition", click on that option in the video bar.

  • Is there a low light setting for the video player?

    Sure. To activate the low light setting when watching a video, click the "Dim the Lights" option from the gears icon on the video navigation nab on the far right.

  • Need support?

    If you need support with your account, you can submit a ticket through our support system! We will respond to all support requests within 72 hours (during our regular business hours).

  • Have a general question?

    If you have a general question, feel free to use out contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can with a response.

    Contact General Inquiries
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    Monday - Friday9:00am - 5:00pm PTVancouver, Canada

Still have questions? Feel free to open a Support Ticket and we'll help you out!